Do you ever feel like you are just not smart enough? Or you don’t have the passion – that your heart’s not really in it? Or maybe you lack the courage? Do you ever catch yourself thinking things would be different, if I only had a……

About this Podcast

Why? Briefly, my big why is that I have an obsession with developing a practical toolkit to help people actually live their best lives.  I believe it is my mission.  Loosely based on the idea of  ‘if I only had a brain, a heart, the nerve, a home’ - I am interested in finding out what limiting beliefs and disempowering self-talk are holding people back ~ plus of course what highly successful people do to overcome these.  And ultimately what practical steps and techniques we can all apply in our own lives to get us to wherever we want to go. For our purposes, let's call that Home.

 I first heard Earl Nightingale’s recording of ‘The Strangest Secret’ about 15 years ago. After being an avid student of all things in the self-improvement space - including but not limited to neuroscience, beliefs, meditation, CBT, plant medicine, the list goes on - one day I heard the great Earl Nightingale’s widow Diana on the Brian Buffini podcast talking about how she thought that the Wizard of Oz was like the best self-help book ever.   Coincidentally for the same reason I had already dubbed my work environment the Emerald City (long story) and had started a ‘playbook’ about best practices for life & success.  Then this idea really took hold.   The theme involving the characters in search of something that they felt they had missing -  “If I only had a brain, a heart, the nerve, a home…”, only to discover that it was there all along - “You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.” - made me start to really wonder what limiting self-talk and subconscious beliefs were typically holding people back. And moreover, what were some life hacks we could uncover to be able to lean into these, learn from them, and re-frame.  

I began to see the correlation between our thought patterns – whether conscious or not – and how intentionally we were living.  Neuroscience and more specifically neuroplasticity became my new obsession!  In my studies it became clear that this incredible information about the power we actually have over our thought and therefor our lives, would resonate differently with different people depending on a bunch of variables from genetics, environment, education and what we have chosen to focus on.  Some would be all intellect (brain).  Others would be all emotion (heart).  And some would be mostly practical (gut).  Understanding too that this could cross tracks in one person and you could have any combination of these three – some would be more head for one thing and more heart for another, and so on – I felt it important to try and get as broad a view as possible. I knew that with enough evidence in each arena, people would be able to choose which approaches would best suit their own personal circumstance and life stage.

I started to gently apply some of the things I was thinking about to my coaching at work and found two things.  Firstly, most people are too caught up in the mechanics of their lives to explore this.  And secondly, when introduced to the ideas, there really was a desire to go further.   I decided to go on a journey down the yellow brick road and interview people in all areas of the field, to put together a practical toolbox with the hope of helping people fulfill their potential and lead their very best lives.  So - A huge big THANKS for joining me on the road.  Let's see what really is over that rainbow!


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